Thursday, October 07, 2010

Homeopathy is Nanotechnology

The two century aged homoeopathy and most modern science nanotechnology. We can easily tie-up these systems together. Our most controversial truth ‘dilution increases the strength of the medicine (actually not the dilution but the potentisation). It can be scientifically explainable with the knowledge of nanotechnology.

It is the science of small things. The proverb small is beautiful can be now rewritten as small is strong and beautiful.
Nano is a Greek word; its meaning is ‘dwarf”. The idea of nanotechnology was put forward by ‘`Richard p Feynman.’ The name nanotechnology was given by’ Nariyo tanigouchi’ of Japan.

One nanometer is equal to 0.000000001 of a meter. that is 1/50000 of a hair. Size of one hydrogen atom is 0.1nm.size of virus is 10-200nm.
With the use of this technology `encyclopedia Britannica’ can be collected in a pin head. The whole written knowledge of human kind can be stored in 30 ordinary pages.

Scientists use TEM(transmission electron microscopy AFM(atomic force microscopy),STM(scanning tunneling microscopy) for this purposes. An ordinary microscope shows 1000fold enlargement of the object, while the above said microscopes showing 30 million fold enlargement of the objects.

With their aid, we can see and manipulate atoms. We can arrange the atoms in unnatural forms and can prepare new molecules or matter of unbelievable properties. In 1996, Harry Kroto.Rick Smelly and Robert Curl got Nobel Prize for preparing such a new molecules of Carbon—carbon60—this new molecule was nick named as `bucky ball’. this is the strongest material ever made. If its molecular density is increased by 70% we get a new material which is doubly stronger than diamond.

When Nano carbon particles impregnated in cellophane sized thin transparent plastic, its strength increases more than that of a steel bar.

With the help of nanotechnology we can make nanotubes and nanowires.there size may be an atom wide. it can conduct electricity, electromagnetic waves ad may act as super conductors. When this technology become common our computers can be dwarfed to thumb size and its capacity improves gigantically.


As we know there is no medicine for killing viruses. But after the emergence of nanotechnology we can find out and kill each virus with the aid of medicine or mechanics.
Chemotherapy medicines can be applied to specific points without destroying healthy cells. can carryout surgeries without perceptible wounds or blood shedding. Lithotripsy also possible in similar way.
Non-corrosive, lifelong implants can be fitted inside our body.
Skin creams and dresses made-up of Nano particles not only protect us but also monitor our body systems and automatically inject required medicines/vitamins/hormones/energy to our body.


When Homoeopathic medicines dilutes and potentise, the kinetic energy(in succusion) or the mechanical energy (in tricturation) is converted and stored as potential energy. According to E=MC2 , energy cannot be destroyed .it can only be converted into other form. By this process of nanification Homoeopathic medicines becomes soft as a dew drop and same time strong as a tsunami wave.

As we see earlier 1 nm is equals to 10-9 of a unit, that means 1 Nano unit is 10-9 of a unit, that is equals to 9x potency of homoeopathic medicine. As you know when 1 gram material is potentised and divided into 0.000000001 of the crude substance ,its potency become 9X .Nano unit is the basic measurement in Nanotechnology. Experiments carryout through this science is about the fractions of this basic units.
Nano materials are formed by the natural ingredients but showing unnatural properties, examples of natural Nanomaterials are spider web and enamel of teeth.

Scientists found out that by the process of nanification, atoms can be arranged in new order and form new molecules showing unbelievable properties when compare with the mother substance. This is the explanation applicable to homoeopathy. We use even very common household materials for preparing medicines and they shows astonishing properties and capabilities.

Another point to discuss is:
Many Homoeopathic medicines showing side affinities and organ specificity. For example. Lachesis effects on left side of the body, lycopodium affects the right side of the body. Euphrasia showing effects in eyes, while chelidonium shoving effects in liver. Berberis vulgaris is useful for the left sided kidney problems etc. Scientists think Nanoparticles of these medicines posses some type of auto navigating system to find and reach the target diseased organ. If nanotechnology is applied on this basis we can convert the nanoparticles of homoeopathic medicines into Nano balls” with in which we can insert other medicinal agents to reach the site easily and safely. For example for cancer of left kidney, if we use Berberis vulgaris Nanoballs containing chemotherapy drugs, it will reach safely to the left kidney without disturbing other parts. Now a days this principle is using unknowingly by the Homoeopathic mixture prescribers and they get good results.

Based on age, Homoeopathy is the most modern system (only 211 yrs) .Homoeopathy is the first system in which the process of nanification started and continuing in the name of potentisation. As scientists, searching and finding new horizons in Nanotechnology that become actually our sky to fly high. We all homoeopaths must study the new awakenings in the modern science and use it suitably for explaining Homoeopathy and developing this system.


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