Thursday, October 07, 2010

Homeopathy to fight Dengue

Homeopathic medicine can increase the resistance to dengue virus and prevent dengue spreading among the public. It is a natural system of defence for human beings. It is totally safe without any side effects and injurious to health.

Homeopathy Consultant Dr. M.I. Latheef said many dengue prevention treatment camps were successfully held in many places by homeopathy doctors. Homeopathy treatment is a national requirement at this juncture to face the dengue epidemic, he said.

It is not a curative treatment but a preventive one, by enhancing natural immunity to prevent dengue successfully. Slave Island is an area known to be prone to dengue mosquito breeding. During the dengue prevention campaign, nearly 3,000 people were treated with homeopathy medicine. It was found only 50 people were affected by dengue.

"Homeopathy is not curative but a preventing treatment. When homeopathy treatment is given to a person it will increase the immunity and resistance in the body. Therefore, when a dengue mosquito bites a person who had taken the preventive treatment, it will not affect that person. The body is capable of resisting adequately," Dr. Latheef told the Daily News.

He reiterated that the concept of homeopathy medicine is stimulating immunity and making the body to fight and resist the bacteria when it is required. While Western medicine destroys the bacteria at a time, immunity will remain at the same level.
The possibility of falling sick again when the medicine was stopped remain since the immunity in the same level has not increased.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that strengthens the natural defence mechanism in humans. When a person is bitten by a dengue mosquito he or she can be treated at the primary stage before the secondary stage sets in since that patient has taken homeopathy treatment.

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