Thursday, October 07, 2010

'Hom. Med. Ars. Alb. will help fight the Flu Virus'

While people are panicking about the side-effects of Tamiflu, homeopath doctors seem to have come up with a safer alternative. Arsenicum album is an old medicine that has shown its healing effects since 180 years, they said.

On Wednesday, the government and homoeopaths will declare that Arsenicum album as a sure and safe precautionary medication for swine flu. Dr BT Rudresh, Governing Council member, Central Council for Research and Homeopathy, spoke to DNA on homeopathy’s panacea for swine flu.

Is Arsenicum album a sure cure for H1N1 flu? Will the government officially vouch for it like Tamiflu?
Yes. Arsenicum album is the remedy for swine flu and it will protect a person from the virus. The government will officially declare this as the preventive medicine for swine flu on Wednesday with consent from various doctors and ayurvedic experts.

Do you have any previous experience with this medication?
Yes. In 1918 when Spanish Flu epidemic had spread in Ohio, of the 24,000 patients who were treated with allopathy medicines, the mortality rate was 28.2 %, while of the 26,000 patients who were treated with homeopathic medicine, the mortality rate was 1 %. Homeopathic medicines are over 200 years’ old and they hardly fail to deliver. In case of Arsenicum album, it has been prepared by taking into account all the symptoms of cold, cough, fever, breathlessness, fear, phobia and anxiety and create a curative. It increases the immunity level in people and thus helps them fight the virus.

Will the medicine be available over the counter and can people take it without prescription?
So far 7,000-8,000 people in government hospitals have been given this medication and I have given this medication to 4,000-5,000 people in my clinic alone. Apart from this, recently in a camp in Nandini Layout, 1,500 people have been given this medication. If people go to a pharmacy and ask for the medication, there are chances that they can be cheated. Thus the medication should be administered as per homeopathic prescription only.

What is the dosage which one has to be administered with? Can people take it till the swine flu fear and virus dies down?
People are advised to take the drug thrice a day for three days as it provides immunity for 10 days. After which the dosage can be repeated again followed by a break.

Are there any side effects to this medication?
The medication has proved itself over a period of time. Most modern medicines which were wonders before have become blunders now. I ask people to compare for themselves and see. So far there have been no side effects of any homeopathy medication and people are advised to take them after consulting doctors.

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