Thursday, October 07, 2010

‘Homeopathy can treat skin diseases effectively’

Listing the benefits of homeopathy in skin diseases which can be broadly classified on the basis of their cause into infections, allergies or auto-immune disorders and physiological disturbances, Dr Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic today stated the skin problems can be effectively treated with homeopathy. In a press release issued here today, it state that Infections can be due to viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. While measles, chicken pox, herpese, and warts are common examples of viral infections, impetigo, folliculitis and abscesses are bacterial infections. Fungal and infestation by lice are parasites skin infections. Eczema and urticaria are allergic manifestations where psoriasis, lupus and vitiligo are auto-immune in nature. Physiological disturbances such as hormonal changes along with other contributory factors can lead to conditions like acne and seborrhoeic deramatitis.
Homeopathy recognises the body as a unified whole of physical as well as psychological components and confronts the problem deep within. Homeopathic medicines unlike antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitics or anti-virals do not target causative organisms. They boost the immune system of the body to fight and overpower them instead, it is for this reason that homeopathic remedies are invaluable in the prevention of diseases too. for example, morbillinum and variolinum have been used to prevent measles and chicken pox respectively. Homeopathy does not advocate the use of external applications as they ten to suppress the disease only to return with a vengeance at a later time or to affect another more important organ or system manifesting in a completely different way.
In acute diseases like measles and chicken pox the homeopath uses his discretion in deciding whether to medicate or not, knowing that these diseases are self limiting and usually run their natural course uneventfully. However medicines may be prescribed to treat the distressing symptoms and to prevent complications. Outbreaks of herpes siumples can be easily controlled by the use of remedies like nitric acid and rhus tox. In case of herpes zoster, depending upon the site involved, the medicine is selected. for example, ranunculus bulbosis is useful for herpes zoster affecting the trunk and aranea diadema is good for herpetic trigeminal neuralgia.


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