Saturday, October 09, 2010

Homoeopathy Remedies for H1N1

DUBAI — Leading homoeopathic practitioners have urged the UAE health authorities to explore the benefits of homoeo medicines in the prevention of H1N1 infection.
It is not too late for the Ministry of Health to adopt an open policy for analysing the efficacy of homoeopathy for prophylactic purposes, some of them have said.
Citing that the demand for homoeo medicines as a preventive measure against H1N1 has been on the rise among patients, they urged the ministry to address the issue with the help of the local experts.
The Chief Medical Director of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic in Dubai, Dr Mukesh Batra, who is widely known for his contribution to the field, said past research studies had proved the efficacy of homoeopathy in treating as well as preventing other forms of epidemic flu such as Spanish flu and avian flu.
The need of the hour, he said, is to look out for various methods to prevent as well as to treat the disease.
“Considering the fact that homoeopathic medicines are absolutely safe and knowing that they stimulate the immunity of the body to combat any infection, it makes perfect sense to try homoeopathic remedies. Therefore, in the interest of H1N1patients, the offerings of this medical system must not be overlooked or underplayed,” he said.
Noting that homoeopathic medicines act upon the immune system and restorative energies of the body so that it heals itself, Dr Batra said homoeo remedies automatically play a vital role in preventive medicine as they boost the body’s natural defence mechanisms.
“Health officials here are doing a splendid job in keeping the disease under control. However, at a time when the world is reeling under recession too, looking at alternative medicine options such as that provided by homeopathy could be more feasible and wise,” said Dr Batra.
He claimed that existing medicines in the stream could be effectively used for boosting the immune system and reducing the vulnerability to influenza infection.
The UAE’s first licensed specialist in homoeopathy and a former member of epidemic disease research panel of the Indian government, Dr Sinsen Joseph said homoeo medicines had been known for being effective in many countries’ mass preventive campaigns.
“In the case of H1N1, homoeo medicines are now being used in some parts of India under the guidance of the government there. The preventive effectiveness in such instances can be studied before taking a similar step here,” said Dr Joseph who now works as a consultant with City Point International Specialist Medical Centre in Dubai.
“Only if the government here takes an initiative in exploring the potential preventive role of homoeopathy that we can also extend the service and provide the benefits to the public here, including the nationals,” he said.
Another senior homoeopath in the UAE, Dr Najeeb Ahammed of Janson’s Medical Centre in Dubai, said the fact that vaccinating all members of the community is not a practically ideal solution makes the preventive role of homoeo therapies more significant.
“Vaccination is mainly meant for those at high risk of infection. Since homoeo medicines help in building immunity in the body to fight back any infection without creating any side effects, they can be a better option for those not prioritised for vaccination,” he said.

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